Included on this page is the Mathematics Vision Statement and Priorities for Hermiston elementary schools. The vision statement and priorities were collaboratively developed and identified by a team of Hermiston School District elementary educators and administrators. The purpose of the vision statement and priorities is to describe what we believe matters most for Hermiston students in Mathematics. In addition, you can also access the rubrics elementary teachers utilize to assess student proficiency on the Mathematics priority standards. These rubrics include specific criteria for proficiency to make it clear for teachers, students, and families how student learning progress is determined for each Mathematics priority standard. We want to encourage families to review these rubrics as a tool to support their child’s learning in school and at home.




Kinder Math (English)

Kinder Math (Spanish)

1st Grade Math (English)

1st Grade Math (Spanish)

2nd Grade Math (English)

2nd Grade Math (Spanish)

3rd Grade Math (English)

3rd Grade Math (Spanish)

4th Grade Math (English)

4th Grade Math (Spanish)

5th Grade Math (English)

5th Grade Math (Spanish)