A picture of four boys working together to construct and engineer a solution for a science experiment using various interlocking parts

The Hermiston School District has the pleasure of working with a community of diverse learners from various backgrounds. We believe such diversity is an asset we can utilize to reach even greater levels of success with our students, staff, and community. We believe that every student deserves to walk across the stage at their high school graduation with every possible opportunity for college and career available to them. We owe it to our children to provide them with the educational experiences they need to attain the knowledge and skills that afford them a life of their choosing, not one that has been decided for them due to a lack of quality education. This is the equitable “future-focused” outcome we all strive for. To accomplish this, we believe it is critical we guarantee a system of alignment across all of our elementary schools. We believe in the idea of being a school district as opposed to a district of schools. With this in mind, we hold firm to the idea that regardless of what school a student attends in the Hermiston School District, we ensure they receive an equitable education built upon a foundation of effective, research-based educational practices. 

From this page, you will find links to the learning standards our educators are committed to prioritizing for student learning in English Language Arts, Mathematics, and English Language Development (for students enrolled in our English Language Development program), as well as other helpful links. In addition, you will also find links to several resources describing the standards-based reporting process such as our Standards-Based Grading Handbook. This handbook is a resource that explains why and how our elementary educators communicate student learning progress to students and their families in a standards-based approach.


Elementary Standards-Based Grading Handbook

Manual de Calificación Basado en Estándares para Escuelas Primarias