Superintendent of Hermiston School District

photo of Dr. Tricia Mooney
Dr. Tricia Mooney
Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Tricia Mooney has served as the superintendent of Hermiston School District since 2017, the largest school district in Eastern Oregon. She has extensive experience in education as an assistant superintendent, director of human resources, adjunct professor, principal of an elementary school, and principal of a middle school, as well as a teacher of Title I and sixth grade. During her 28 years in education, she has devoted herself to teaching, and learning, and is a relentless advocate for achievement for all students. The district offers various educational opportunities for students from kindergarten through grade twelve, from foundational learning skills to comprehensive vocational programs to an extensive array of postsecondary college credit-bearing programs. In a nationally recognized community that embraces its diversity, the district serves some 28,000 residents, where one-third of the population is Hispanic. Student success has driven Superintendent Mooney's commitment to provide multiple pathways for students after graduation.

Dr. Mooney’s passion for education was evident from the beginning. From the moment she stepped into a classroom as a student teacher, she knew she had found her calling. Her ability to establish a safe and respectful classroom environment played a major role in her success in the classroom, which led her to obtain a leadership role and advocate for students both inside and outside the classroom. Superintendent Mooney's undergraduate studies were conducted at Northwestern College Orange City, where she earned her bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. Her education was furthered at Washington State University, where she received a master's degree in educational leadership. Moreover, she successfully defended her dissertation at Northcentral University, where she received an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership.


Community Involvement

Superintendent Mooney believes that a community that works together can provide students with the highest quality education and care. Dr. Mooney is highly regarded throughout the state and serves on the statewide Quality Education Commission. In the past to serving as president of the Oregon School Personnel Association, she is a member of Oregon's Educator Effectiveness Group. Her responsibilities include providing expert advice on educator training and professional development to the Oregon Department of Education and other state policymakers. As a driving force in her community, Dr. Mooney serves on the Hermiston Education Foundation and Kiwanis, organizations devoted to encouraging an outward mindset and supporting our community, students, and teachers. 



 In 2019, the HSD secured passage of an $82.7 million capital improvement bond that would replace Rocky Heights Elementary School, added a new Elementary School now known as Loma Vista Elementary School, and Annex at Hermiston High School. Furthermore, the district has installed new safety and security measures in all buildings across the district to help ensure the safety of our students and staff. Student enrollment has been at an all-time high under Dr. Mooney’s leadership. The district has strategically invested in learning with the adoption of instructional materials for K-5 reading and mathematics, giving students a guaranteed and viable curriculum. The commitment of Dr. Mooney to provide multiple pathways for students beyond graduation has established Hermiston School District as an innovative district at the 2021 Model Schools Conference. The district now has a Strategic plan to ensure equitable outcomes for students, and graduation rates have been at a steady rate under Superintendent Mooney.  As a superintendent, Dr. Mooney is committed to supporting the people who support the people who make magic happen in classrooms. She is committed to the district’s vision. Future Focused: Building Knowledge and Skills for Tomorrow. 



Dr. Mooney has prior experience working as a community liaison and program manager, which equipped her with the ability to connect with people from all walks of life. Her ability to provide insight and build strong relationships with the Confederated Tribes of Umatilla Indian Reservation has resulted in developing a social studies curriculum that is tailored to the history of the local tribe as well as adding a heritage language program at Pendleton Early Learning Center, which was successfully opened in 2015. Her experience also includes working with the district's superintendent as well as its director of business services. The result of this was the issuance of a $50 million capital improvement bond for the replacement of two elementary schools and the construction of an educational learning center. The commitment of Dr. Mooney to provide multiple pathways for students beyond graduation has established Hermiston School District as an innovative district at the 2021 Model Schools Conference. Superintendent Mooney remains close to the business community as part of the Hermiston Kiwanis and Hermiston Education Foundation Member.