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About Us

The Hermiston School District is the largest district in Eastern Oregon, exceeding 5,600 students, and continues to experience steady enrollment growth. It serves students in grades kindergarten through 12 with a broad range of programs from foundational learning skills to comprehensive vocational programs to an exhaustive array of post-secondary college credit-bearing opportunities. The school district includes a 9-12 senior high school, two 6-8 middle schools, five K-5 elementary schools, and a robust online learning program option for students and families.

Support for the school district has been strong from the community. In 2001 voters approved a $39 million building program which included the reconstruction of the high school, an additional elementary school, and various district-wide renovations. The voters also approved a $69.9 million bond in 2008. The bond served to replace Armand Larive Middle School, West Park Elementary, and Sunset Elementary.


The District employs over 520 full-time staff that includes approximately 300 teachers and over 200 classified, support, and supervisory personnel, making it one of the largest employers in the city of Hermiston. A nationally-recognized community that embraces its diversity, the district serves some 28,000 residents, where one-third of the population is Hispanic.

The school district prides itself on the academic achievement of its students, successful athletic programs, nationally-recognized club and activity organizations, and its exhaustive list of academic and elective opportunities available to students. The District’s partnership with community organizations has been central to its continued success, highlighted by support groups who have provided nearly a half a million dollars to assist students and programs through such venues as the Hermiston Sports Booster Club, Hermiston Education Foundation, Band Boosters, FFA Alumni, and the community sponsorship of the student homebuilding program, to name a few.

About the Community:

The largest city in eastern Oregon, Hermiston maintains over 17,000 residents and is located in northeastern Oregon, just south of the Oregon-Washington border. The Hermiston School District boundary encompasses over 160 square miles of the Columbia Basin region, whose unique geographical area offers an extended growing season and a variety of agricultural crops and products. The immediate Hermiston area has been able to diversify its economy with food processing, cold storage, warehousing and distribution facilities. In addition, Hermiston’s close proximity to the Columbia River Gorge and the surrounding Blue Mountains make it an ideal place for outdoor activities, and one of the fastest growing and economically charged communities in all of Oregon.

Who We Are:

Our Vision
Striving to be the premier public school district in Oregon!

Our Mission
To serve the needs of all children with rigorous program choices, high expectations, mutual respect and excellence in all endeavors

Strategic Plan
Our Goals
  1. Academic Achievement. Schools will demonstrate continuous improvement in all measured areas for each student.
  2. Stewardship. Maintain sound fiscal stewardship of community resources consistent with board policy.
  3. Community. Schools will provide specific community outreach, at least twice annually, in culturally relevant ways to encourage parent/guardian partnerships in advancing student achievement.

Our Values


  • The uniqueness of all and the value of diversity
  • Fostering self-esteem, trust, and respect
  • A collaborative process involving all stakeholders
  • Encouraging risk-taking, consistent with these core values
  • Reflection and self-renewal

Student Learning

  • A rigorous academic experience with high achievement expectations
  • A wide range of programs to meet the academic and social needs of all students
  • Fully integrated and effective use of technology

Teaching Staff

  • Exemplary staff who continually reflect on their practice, learn and progress
  • Use of research-based, best practices teaching methodologies to enhance student learning experiences and the application of concepts
  • Faculty who are supportive of community involvement and willing to assist parents in their efforts to help children learn


  • A qualified Board of Education and Administration focused on adopting policies to support best teaching practices, student achievement, and fiscal responsibility
  • An Administration open to community involvement
  • A strong and inclusive leadership team that fosters problem-solving and continuous improvement
  • Professional development to enhance the skills and knowledge of people in the organization


  • Continual monitoring of each student’s progress through the use of rigorous and meaningful measurement processes
  • A robust assessment system that supports data-driven decision-making


  • Broad-based business and stakeholder support
  • Involvement and partnerships
  • Responsive to the needs of parents

Learning Environment

  • A teaching and learning environment that is physically safe and emotionally secure
  • A stimulating learning environment that meets individual student needs and focuses on the whole child
  • A culture of respect and connectivity within a professional community
  • Comprehensive programs across all campuses

Our Organization
Our Schools
Hermiston High School  (541) 667-6100
Armand Larive Middle School  (541) 667-6200
Sandstone Middle School  (541) 667-6300
Desert View Elementary School  (541) 667-6900
Highland Hills Elementary School  (541) 667-6500
Rocky Heights Elementary School  (541) 667-6600
Sunset Elementary School  (541) 667-6700
West Park Elementary School  (541) 667-6800
Hermiston Online!  (541) 667-6400

Our Enrollment
*as of 03/06/2017
Hermiston High School 1592
Armand Larive Middle School 765
Sandstone Middle School 524
Desert View Elementary School 593
Highland Hills Elementary School 462
Rocky Heights Elementary School 500
Sunset Elementary School 610
West Park Elementary School 569
Total 5615

Our Community

Meet our Administration

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Tricia Mooney




Assistant Superintendent

Bryn Browning