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Registration Information

New Student Enrollment

Welcome to the Hermiston School District. It is our pleasure to welcome you to our community. Please review the resources below for information on enrolling your child(ren) in our schools.

Find Your School

Parents/guardians of children who are new to the Hermiston School District need to register students at their attendance area school. If you do not know which school this is, locate your address on our district boundary map.
Following is a list of schools, the grades they serve, and their addresses. If you have further questions, please contact Fabiola Amezcua at (541) 667-6017.


Elementary School (K-5)

Desert View 1225 SW 9th St 541-667-6900
Highland Hills 450 SE 10th St 541-667-6500
Loma Vista 2095 NE 10th St 541-667-6400
Rocky Heights 650 W Standard Ave 541-667-6600
Sunset 300 E Catherine Ave 541-667-6700
West Park 555 SW 7th Ave


Middle School (6-8)

Armand Larive 1497 SW 9th St 541-667-6200
Sandstone 400 NE 10th St 541-667-6300


Hermiston High School (9-12)

Hermiston HS 600 S 1st St. 541-667-6100



Students must be at least five (5) years old, on September 1 of the school year for which the student is being registered. When enrolling your child, you are asked to provide the following documents:
  1. Birth Record: Birth Certificate, Baptismal certificate or passport
  2. Proof of residence: Current, original utility bills or original rental receipt with manager or owner phone number, plus one of the following:
    • Mortgage booklet, escrow papers, homeowners association receipt, property tax form
    • Rental agreement and current rent receipt
    • Residence insurance statements
    • Utility bills (Electric, Gas, Trash, Water)
    • Driver’s License
    • Bank Statement
    • Mail addressed to you with a current postmark
    • Notarized letter from owner or renter or your residence and a utilities bill in their name (renting a room)
  3. Health records: Immunization records and other important health records required for your student
  4. Report Card or Transcript Grades: Withdrawal grades from your previous school along with a Transcript for high school students