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Dear Hermiston School District Families and Students, 


The HSD Teaching & Learning Department is compiling strategies and informal supplemental learning resources that families can use to keep students engaged in learning while our schools are closed due to COVID-19 regulations.  

These learning resources are organized by school level and contain a combination of low tech and technology-based options across multiple subject areas, including consideration for student physical and mental wellness.  Every attempt is being made to provide resources that can be accessed in both English and Spanish.

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for at-home learning so families/caregivers have some easy-to-implement resources to prevent regression and learning loss during an extended break. We hope that parents/caregivers can partner with children to complete these activities.  Some will include learning with devices and technology, while others do not; similar to the student experience during a typical school day.   We recognize that these activities do not replace classroom instruction and no new content will be introduced and no assignments will be graded.  

Although some of these resources are already regularly used in our schools,  we hope that students have opportunities to try something new or show their learning in a new way.   


Student Chromebook logins are as follows:


P: studentid+000 OR hermistonsd

Student ID numbers can be found on report cards and progress reports.

iReady Guide 1

iReady Guide 2

Please contact your student's teacher via electronic e-mail if your student is unable to login using the above information.

Regularly-Used Online Platforms


Virtual Learning
Social Emotional - How to talk about the Virus with your kids