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We added over 100 pages of new content over the weekend to help with your emergency planning. Visit our Active Home module to download, share links, print, or edit.

We realize that some districts want you to create all of the content for your students. You are allowed to cut and paste our text into your district formatting.You just can't sell any of our content on any other platforms and call it your own.

Here's a quick look at what you'll find this morning:
  • (Secondary) 2-Week Fitness & SEL Program & Journal
  • (Elementary) 2-Week Dance & SEL Program & Journal
    Featuring HYPE the Breaks from Hip Hop Public Health
  • (Grades K- 12) Content Maps and Packets for PE @ Home
  • (Grades K-12) 2-Week Physical Activity Log – Spanish now available)
  • (Grades K-12) Sample Parent Letter – English and Spanish
This is our current advice for documenting progress toward SHAPE AmericaGLOs.
  1. Use our physical activity log (or something similar) to have students document their daily physical activity minutes.
  2. Use journal writing prompts to document student reflections with a focus on the physical and emotional benefits of physical activity. This is a stressful time for kids and adults. We know that routine physical activity will help us all. Help kids process and reflect on those truths.
  3. Keep it simple. The more complex the take-home instruction, the less likely that it will get done. Follow simple activity ideas, log PA minutes, write in a journal. Simple and meaningful.
Go to the Active Home landing page and download now.
Note: We will continue to remove password protection from these documents to make it easy for parents to download and print. Thank you for being a registered  member! STAY SAFE AND HEALTHY!!!!
Social and emotional learning is an important educational focus in these challenging times. Use two full seasons of Believe In You with Kevin Atlas to give your students regular doses of positivity and optimism.

All of Kevin's amazing videos are free and easy to access thanks to the companies of Varsity Brands.
We know PETE programs are in the process of making distance learning plans for their students. We want to help. We've set 2 dates as we launch a series of recorded webinars with accompanying downloadable assignments. Students can watch the webinar, download and complete the assignment, and then email it to their professor for evaluation.
Over 30 universities have already registered!
  • March 26th: The Academic Language of Invasion Games
  • April 2nd: Aligning Depth of Knowledge Debrief Questions with the SHAPE America Grade-level Outcomes