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Multi-Tiered Instruction

The district reading program is a multi-tiered plan which includes three tiers of support designed to meet the reading instruction needs of all children.  Each level targets a specific group of learners, is supported by evidence based instructional materials, provides differentiated small group instruction, and routine progress monitoring.
Tier One: Classroom services include high quality instructional supports.  Students receive whole group and differentiated small group direct instruction from the HARCOURT Reading Program.  The classroom teacher is responsible for the instructional program and progress monitoring for students who make adequate progress and students who exceed grade level expectations.
Tier Two: Students at this level are behind their peers and require small group supplemental instruction in addition to the HARCOURT curriculum provided in the classroom.   Student performance on the district identified assessments determines the intervention strategies that match student need and regular progress monitoring tracks student response to the prescribed intervention.
Tier Three: Students at this level require substantial support, have severe reading difficulties. Student performance on the appropriate assessments determine the intervention strategies prescribed for each student.  Bi-monthly monitoring tracks student response to the prescribed intervention strategies.  In addition to the core instructional time, instruction may be delivered in small groups or to the individual student, based on need.


This model is a school-wide, multi-tiered program which provides an articulated system that supports the reading instruction needs of all students.


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