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Our Values


  • The uniqueness of all and the value of diversity
  • Fostering self-esteem, trust, and respect
  • A collaborative process involving all stakeholders
  • Encouraging risk-taking, consistent with these core values
  • Reflection and self-renewal

Student Learning

  • A rigorous academic experience with high achievement expectations
  • A wide range of programs to meet the academic and social needs of all students
  • Fully integrated and effective use of technology

Teaching Staff

  • Exemplary staff who continually reflect on their practice, learn and progress
  • Use of research-based, best practices teaching methodologies to enhance student learning experiences and the application of concepts
  • Faculty who are supportive of community involvement and willing to assist parents in their efforts to help children learn


  • A qualified Board of Education and Administration focused on adopting policies to support best teaching practices, student achievement, and fiscal responsibility
  • An Administration open to community involvement
  • A strong and inclusive leadership team that fosters problem-solving and continuous improvement
  • Professional development to enhance the skills and knowledge of people in the organization


  • Continual monitoring of each student’s progress through the use of rigorous and meaningful measurement processes
  • A robust assessment system that supports data-driven decision-making


  • Broad-based business and stakeholder support
  • Involvement and partnerships
  • Responsive to the needs of parents

Learning Environment

  • A teaching and learning environment that is physically safe and emotionally secure
  • A stimulating learning environment that meets individual student needs and focuses on the whole child
  • A culture of respect and connectivity within a professional community
  • Comprehensive programs across all campuses